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Frequently Asked Question on the Pre-Registration Process:

Why should I pre-register?

Pre-registering for any procedure done at Alhambra Hospital Medical Center is helpful in two ways. First, it ensures that all of your insurance and billing information is here, as well as your doctor's orders and any required authorizations, so that we can be prepared for your arrival. Second, it is intended to streamline the process by having any pre-operative testing done, which reduces your wait time at check-in.

How far in advance should I pre-register?

Pre-registration should be done as soon as possible after you have been informed of your impending appointment. This will allow ample time for any pre-operative testing you may need to perform, as well as time for the doctor to receive the results of these tests prior to your procedure. If you are not sure if your appointment has been scheduled, please contact your doctor's office for clarification.

How will I know if I need pre-operative testing done prior to my procedure?

Your physician may also want you to have some pre-operative testing done, order the requested tests, and give you instructions on what to bring and what time to arrive at the hospital on the day of your procedure. Your physician will also provide you with post-operative instructions and answer any questions you may have regarding your stay. There are certain circumstances that may require these tests to be performed at a different facility in order to be covered by your insurance. You must contact your primary care physician or your insurance carrier to determine if this is the case. If you have any questions, you may contact our Admitting Department at 626-570-1606 Ext 3240. The Admitting Office is open Monday - Friday from 5:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Checking in

What do I do to check-in on the date of my procedure?

When you come to the hospital to check in for your procedure, the first thing you will need to do is visit a Registration Representative, either in the front lobby or you will be directed to one in the surgery department, usually 2 hours prior to your procedure. Many procedures require that you do not eat or drink several hours prior to the procedure. The nurse either in Pre-Admissions or at your doctor's office will advise you.

What do I need to bring with me on the date of my procedure?

Please bring any paperwork you may have from your physician, such as orders and test results, as well as a valid ID card (driver's license, photo ID card, passport, etc.), Social Security number, and insurance card(s). The Registration Representative will collect any missing information from you, as well as collect any co-payment/co-insurance or deductible amounts that may be due.

What should I NOT bring?

Do NOT bring any valuables, such as jewelry, cash, credit cards, etc. — UNLESS you need to pay your deductible/co-pay. You will be asked to send these items home with someone for safe keeping. If this is not possible, we can deposit them in the hospital safe for you.